All Souls is a curious little community of faith. It's for people who believe and those who don't. It's a place where any question is fair game and it's safe to be yourself. We're just ordinary folks, trying to learn what it means to follow Jesus and love our neighbors. Together, as friends.

All Souls is a church in the making; it’s a collective of house churches.

Each week we gather to eat, laugh, talk, and explore how the Jesus of the Bible claims to be relevant for today. Our friends tell us it's real, raw, refreshing. We're small, but it seems like something big might be happening.

All Souls is a place...

  • where you can be honest about your doubts, and struggles

  • where you don't have to share any of our convictions in order to be our friends

  • where you can learn how New Testament Christianity answers life's big questions

  • where you can meet others who will encourage you in your spiritual journey

  • where you just might encounter Jesus in a whole new way

Sound intriguing? Check us out. We'd love to connect over coffee, lunch, or a beer...