Question everything - even your doubts. Look, if Christianity is true, it should be able to stand up to scrutiny. But so should our doubts. We believe all spiritual convictions - whether faith or disbelief - deserve to be tested.

That's why we value thoughtful friends with diverse perspectives. And it's the reason we're so interested in the original Jesus. 

When we wrestle with the Scriptures, we discover how the Biblical Jesus answers life's big questions, we see what he expects of those who follow him. Not all of us reach the same conclusions. Some of us believe. Some are still exploring. But all of us are learning what it means to live as disciples of the biblical Jesus.

And we're doing it together. As friends.

If you're simply looking for a service on Sundays, we might not be the place. (We think of "Church" as a group of people, on mission together, all through the week; Sundays are just the icing on the cake.)

But if you're interested in cultivating a more vibrant spiritual life - encountering God, integrating faith and work, seeking the shalom of the city, discovering how Grace changes everything - doing it together as friends... Well, we just might be a fit.

How you can learn more?

  • introduce yourself - drop us a line and let's grab coffee, lunch or a beer... we'd love to hear your story!

  • join us for a gathering - we meet on Sundays to worship together and reconnect, but we also meet in smaller groups during the week to eat, share, read, and pray... we'd love to have you visit!

  • be curious - we encourage you to question anyone who's involved (Christian or otherwise): Why are they here? What brings them back? (These are great questions to ask of any church, btw!)

Of course, the only way to know for sure is to spend some time getting to know us. We look forward to getting to know you as well!