For 2000 years, Christian churches have depended on the generosity of friends and members to survive and flourish.

All Souls is no exception.

We are always looking for partners - artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, and creatives - to help create a community that follows Jesus and seeks the shalom of the city where he's sent us. Maybe God is inviting you to get involved?

We also need help financially. If you believe in our vision, please consider giving generously (and regularly) to this work. All Souls is a 501c3 operating under the umbrella of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC), so all donations are tax deductible. Here's how to give:

1. Check - you can donate via snail mail (think of it as the USPS equivalent to vinyl):

All Souls Church of Austin
P.O. Box 6111
Austin TX 78762

2. Paypal - you can also make donations (one time or recurring) through Paypal:


Questions? Please contact us!