Late in 2013, Christian & Marilyn left Missoula and moved to Austin, to pursue a calling to bi-vocational ministry. Our goal was to plant another church (All Souls), while trying to start a brewery (Lazarus Brewing Company), in a way that would embed us neck deep in the city. Slowly but surely, both have come to life.

But it never would have happened without an amazing God, and the generous financial support of friends and churches who believed in this vision. Now, after 5 years of living like missionaries, Lazarus & All Souls Austin are finally capable of supporting us financially.

So we no longer need you to give to US (crazy, huh?). But maybe you’d like to continue to support people LIKE US? Beginning in 2019, all donations made through this page will be reinvested in other church planters doing similar kinds of gospel centered, bi-vocational ministry. We’re beginning to build a network of folks that WE support, and we’d be steward your church planting funds as well. All Souls is a 501c3 operating under the umbrella of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC), so all donations are tax deductible.

Here's how to support the bi-vocational church planting:

1. Check - you can donate via snail mail:

All Souls Church of Austin
P.O. Box 6111
Austin TX 78762

Write “Support Church Planting” on the memo line

2. Paypal - you can also make donations (one time or recurring) through Paypal: just click the button below!


Questions? Please contact us!